95th Anniversary Celebration of the Shrine of St. Joseph


Mass & Dinner of Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 21, 2019



Dear Friends of the Shrine of St. Joseph,

May the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit be with us forever!

There is always a reason to celebrate and give thanks when we see the magnificent manifestations of God’s love and goodness all around us.  Duing the Liturgy we pray, “It is our duty and our salvation always and everywhere to give you thanks!”  This is the holy work of our daily lives.

And then there are special moments when the goodness of God to us, his beloved sons and daughters, must be publicly honored and celebrated.  I’d like to invite you to one of those moments as we celebrate our 95th Anniversary of being here on this sacred hill.  Here, thousands of people from every nation, culture, and way of life have come to seek God in times of anguish and give thanks to God in times of joy.

At this, our first dinner of thanksgiving, we will honor our dear Sister Servants of Jesus ("the Polish Sisters") who are celebrating their 45th anniversary of serving at the Shrine. Their love and faith has touched the lives of thousands.  We will also honor a beloved friend, benefactor and woman of faith, Mrs. Mary Kenny.  Mary has experienced for more than 50 years the presence of God and the guidance of God’s Spirit through the mission and ministry of the Shrine.

We will offer a Mass of Thanksgiving for the abundant gifts and blessings of these past ninety-five years and then continue our celebration with a shared meal and stories, laughter and gratitude.  We hope and pray you can join us for this blessed evening. 

With prayers daily for you and all the intentions of your hearts,

Your brother and friend, In the Holy Trinity,


Father Dennis M. Berry, S.T., Director, Shrine of St. Joseph


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Join the Friends of the Shrine

Thursday, November 21, 2019

 5:30 PM Mass in the Chapel at 1050 Long Hill Road, Stirling, NJ

 6:45 PM Dinner at the Primavera Regency at 1080 Valley Road, Stirling, NJ

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