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Loyalty to the Shrine of Saint Joseph runs deep. Many devotees of the Shrine, our patron saint, Saint Joseph, and the power of the prayer ministry of our resident religious, have generously contributed to the Shrine and enabled us to respond to those who are in need. In addition to the annual fund, they have generously remembered their loved ones with engraved commemorative bricks and donations to the upkeep of the Tower of Remembrance. Please contact Fr. Dennis Berry, S.T. directly (Shrine office 908-647-0208) about major contributions of corporate stock and will remembrances.

The religious and lay stewards of these holy grounds are grateful for this ongoing support and would appreciate further participation to retain our sacred ministries.

Please refer to our Gift Giving Guide which you can download here.

Give Now!

Please consider adding 2.9% to your total Shrine donation—this will compensate for any transaction fees deducted from your donation by the credit card companies, and will ensure that your intended Shrine donation amount is paid in full.  Thank you so much for your continued support of our mission here at the Shrine of Saint Joseph, your generosity is greatly appreciated.