The Shrine focuses its ministry around four main pillars:

  • Apostolic Spirituality: We offer programs and resources designed to help individuals, groups and families to develop a missionary spirit in the laity “with the goal that every Catholic be an apostle.”
  • Recovery, Healing & Health: We offer retreats, programs and meetings that foster physical spiritual, and emotional health and healing for all, especially individuals and their families that suffer from the effects of addiction to help build a spiritual foundation for recovery.
  • Peace & Reconciliation: Recognized as an International Peace Center, we offer programs and resources that are both Ecumenical and Interfaith. There is an on-site 9/11 Memorial and Peace Icon.  All are welcome to come together as brothers and sisters that share one common home.  We work together to build a more just and unified world.
  • Human Rights: We offer programs and resources that emphasize advocacy for people affected by issues of justice, we welcome a diverse community of people affected by and / or passionate about justice and human dignity issues, such as immigration, poverty, food security, minimum wage, systemic change, etc. and facilitate efforts to address these issues as well as form collaborative ties with other Missionary Servant missions in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.